Meats of the highest quality, we cut to order.



steakAll of our beef is upper 2/3rds choice and prime. Our beef comes out of Virginia and Pennsylvania and is of  the highest grade available, and grade matters when it comes to flavor and tenderness. Our steaks are guaranteed be the best tasting, juicy and tender you will ever have.



All our poultry is Amish raised in Ohio. No hormones or antibiotics or growth stimulants. They are fed a strict vegetarian diet. This is all reflected in the texture and flavor of this meat.



We get seafood in twice a week fresh from local markets in Virginia and Baltimore. Our best sellers are salmon, extra large scallops, sushi grade tuna, and coconut crusted tilapia, potato crusted cod and summer herb cod. We also make crab cakes fresh in the store. A variety of wild caught fish is available when in season.